Introducing Rachel Ann Rogish, Author

Rachel Ann Rogish, Author

{This post contains affiliate links.} I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a special friend, co-worker, and fellow author, Rachel Ann Rogish. Reading one of Rachel’s stories is an experience that is a mix of reading a great book and staring at a beautiful, scenic work of art. Rachel has a God-given gift […]

Free Homeschool Resources

Subscriber Library Button

I’ve always wanted my very own library. I’m thrilled to announce the opening of my Subscribers’ Library here on! This launch has been weeks in the making, and I so hope you will enjoy all the freebies included-and all the ones still to come. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up today.

Homeschool History Freebies


  I’m so excited to announce the launch of a new subscriber bonus for followers of! I’ve been adding lots of links and freebies to my Timeline Worksheet collection, and now I’d like to start something new. Each day we have a freebie on the Timeline, I try to mention it on social media. […]

Easter Blessings


  Praying you and your loved ones know the joy that cannot be taken away this Easter.

Remembering What Makes Good Friday Good

Good Friday

I cannot fathom the depth of love my Savior has for me, to suffer not only physical pain that defies comprehension but to suffer separation from His Father, God Himself, the separation I deserved. Nothing I ever do could earn such a sacrifice; that’s why it had to be made. Thank You, Lord, for taking […]

Praying Through the Produce Aisle Subscriber Freebie

I’m so excited to announce my first subscriber freebie–Praying Through the Produce Aisle! In it you’ll find study questions, notebooking pages, and coloring sheets to help you turn your next trip through the produce aisle into a missions trip. This 84-page booklet will help you learn about 16 different fruits, the places they come from, […]

All Around Asia Reading Roundup

National Reading Month-paperback image

{This post contains affiliate links.} I’m thrilled to be celebrating National Reading Month with the paperback release of my new book, Asia: Its People and History. I have found some great resources to take your family’s study of Asia in new and exciting directions! Many are available as free downloads from Kids of Courage, a ministry […]

Read An E-Book Week Plus Promo Code

Read an Ebook week image

Have you been enjoying Read an E-Book Week? I have one more special way for you to enjoy this fun week of reading. If you stop by The Old Schoolhouse Store right now and purchase a copy of Asia: Its People and History, you can save 25% with promo code 02asia14! (Please note: The exclamation […]

Freebie Survey

Freebie Survey

I’d like to create some freebies for you, and I need your help. I’m planning my next several months of free printables (and a fun new subscriber freebie), and I’d like to know what YOU want to see. Is there a subject or topic you’d like to see explored? I really want to hear your […]

Asia E-Book Pre-Order Sale

Sale Image

I am very excited to share that my new book, Asia: Its People and History is now available for pre-order through The Old Schoolhouse at a sale price of $4.95 (ebook version only). But the pre-order price is only available through February 23rd. Come and reserve your copy today! Check out the trailer for my book […]

Asia: Its People and History Bonus Content

Asia Its People and History - Christian persecution today

I’m so excited to share with you bonus content related to my new Asia: Its People and History release. Even if you haven’t read the book, please enjoy these free copywork pages and word puzzles related to the land of Asia. History and Geography-themed copywork (three handwriting styles) Facts about Bangladesh Facts about China Facts […]

Special Announcement

Asia Its People and History - Christian persecution today

I know I haven’t posted anything for a few days, and I wanted to explain my absence. I have been finalizing the text of my book! Asia: Its People and History will release February 24th! Won’t you consider being a part of my launch team? You’ll receive a free copy of the ebook version, get […]

Reflections of Christmas

Merry Christmas

“The thing I dislike the most about Christmas is that it must end…” Please continue reading my Little House Legacy article in the newest edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. There is much I will remember about this Christmas. I was blessed to spend the day with my mom and sister. We played Catan board […]

All Year Long

Luke 2-18

I want to keep the message of Christmas in my heart all year long. What are your thoughts for how this can be done?

After Christmas Book Sale

Here are 32 more reasons to $ave on this after-Christmas $ale! Thirty-two ebooks for 99¢ each. They will be on sale from December 24, 2013 through Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Click the links below the graphic to “look inside” each book on Amazon and download your digital copies! CHILDREN’S BOOKS The Camera Shy Monster by […]

Merry Christmas

For Unto You

Praying you all had a blessed Christmas celebrating the greatest Gift of all! I can’t wait to connect with you during the new year!  

Remember the Persecuted This Christmas

Remember the Persecuted

“Why can’t we just celebrate the season with others? Why trouble us with sad words about suffering? Would it be right for Americans to remember only General Eisenhower on the day commemorating victory, while forgetting those who gave their lives in war?”1 Those words reminded me of two truths that I must not forget this […]

And His Name Shall be Called

Isaiah 9-6

This week, I want to ask you a question inspired by Isaiah 9:6, “and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (KJV). What Name of God is the most precious to you?

The Word Made Flesh


Our regular author updates are going to take a break until after January 1 because this author is hoping to take a bit of a break! Meanwhile, I thought I would share one of my favorite verses, John 1:14, “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” (KJV).

He Made His Dwelling Among Us

John 1-14, 12-7-13

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” John 1:14 NIV. The opening verses of John’s gospel are some of the most beautiful in the Bible to me, but they seem to take on new meaning at Christmastime. Jesus didn’t love us from afar—which would be amazing enough. But He came to us, here, […]

Homeschool Highways

Homeschool Highways

  This week, I’m excited to share with you more about the reason for my recent roadtrip to Mississippi. I was honored to be invited by Paul Bass to be on his new television show Homeschool Highways. When the show premiers in January, I will join fellow guests Bret Smith, Les Riley, Mary Jo Tate, […]

7 Things I Learned on My Road Trip

11-23-13 7 Things I Learned

  My family and I were blessed by the opportunity to take a three-day road trip this past week. Schedules were tight, and the days were full, but we had so much fun! It was a real blessing. Here are a few things I learned on our journey: 1) My sister is totally awesome when […]

John 8:2

John 8-2

  Why is it we think we have to jump through hoops and drive ourselves crazy to approach God? He just invites us to come. What’s New!  Homeschool writing opportunity—Everyday Easels for On Exploring with Jake, we learned about Lake Fateh Sagar in Rajasthan, India, and talked about how Jesus is the Light, the […]


11-9-13 Ibid

When I was a kid, I thought Ibid was the name of a book. I was old enough to look at the footnotes but not old enough to understand them. But it seemed like every book I read was quoting the same source—Ibid. I wondered what kind of wondrous book could contain such a wealth […]

I Love Sticky Notes

11-2-13 Not by blog linkys

I love sticky notes. I don’t think I could write without them. I have them by my bed, in my purse, and anywhere I might land for more than thirty seconds at a time. My infatuation inspired my Saturday sticky note theme. I wrote today’s sticky note while struggling with the numbers game. Instead of […]

Christmas Legacies

11/2/13: Have you ever wondered why Christmas memories often hold such a powerful place in our hearts? Come read my new Little House Legacy article, “Christmas Legacies,” in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

New Look Coming!

August 6, 2013. is getting a whole new look! Stay tuned for more resources than ever before!

Heavenly Herald

Rejection. It happens to everyone, and no one likes it. As a writer, how do you deal with it? I’m honored to be sharing some encouragement today over on the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference blog. Come share your thoughts on rejection with us. Heavenly Herald