Prayers that Changed History

Prayers that Changed History

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“God loves to provide boldness through his Holy Spirit. This power isn’t just for people who lived long ago. God can give you courage and help you to stand firm. Won’t you turn to him? People come to faith when they hear God’s Word, but they only get to hear it when someone brings it to them.”

That is one of my favorite quotes from Tricia Goyer’s new book Prayers That Changed History. I was privileged to get to be a part of her review team for this exciting new book for kids and tweens that looks at the lives of twenty-five men and women from history and how God used their prayers to make a difference. He even used them to change history.

The people featured in this book span 2,000 years and circle the globe. You’ll find familiar faces like Martin Luther and David Livingstone, but you’ll also find men and women like Oswald, King of North Umbria and Mary Jones whose stories must not be forgotten.

One of my favorite chapters shares the story of when Governor William Bradford called a fast in 1623, asking the Pilgrims to pray for rain to save their crops. This is a year after the famous story we’ve all been taught about the first Thanksgiving. What happened next took my breath away and is a part of American history I have never heard before.

Another thing I love about this new book is that every chapter has a section that relates the historical account to things that happen in our lives today AND a story in the Bible. All three combine to paint one incredible picture after another, and every one leaves us with a challenge to go deeper in our own prayers, to take our conversations with God seriously, and to be a part of changing our world in ways we can’t possibly begin to imagine.

This book is a great stand-alone volume or fits nicely with many world history studies. It also makes a great family devotional. I encourage you to check out Prayers That Changed History today for yourself or a child in your life! And be sure to enter below to win a paperback copy of your own!

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Prayers that Changed History-Change the World

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Prayers That Changed History in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 



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