Adventure in the British Museum

Adventure in the British Museum Mini-Book

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The British Museum is on my list of places I would LOVE to see! This is a fun new freebie from You can create a mini book about the museum and test your history knowledge with six trivia questions that will take you through the British Museum from the ancient kingdom of Ur to the Outer Hebrides Islands! This is an open freebie. You do NOT have to be a member to enjoy it. So come, download it today, and take a trip to the past!

Adventure in the British Museum Mini-Book

Code Crackers for Christ – Heart Languages and Bible Translation

Code Crackers for Christ - Heart Languages and Bible Translation How would you feel if you knew there was a Book out there that could help you understand how to live? What would you do if the Book that held the answers to the most important questions in life was written in a language you couldn’t understand? Approximately 209 million people face those questions every day. How can we help, and how can we involve the children in our lives in helping crack the code for millions of people around the world? Join me today on Christian Children’s Authors as we share some thoughts, and be sure to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

Code Crackers for Christ – Heart Languages and Bible Translation

Grant the Grouchy Groundhog

I'd like you all to meet Grant. He's a grouchy groundhog who didn't want to get up early on Groundhog's Day. But then something his mom did changed his mind. Come meet Grant and practice 32 GR- consonant blend words with this fun story, coloring … [Continue reading]

Notebooking Safari-Turkey and the Chamois

Chamois safari notebooking page

  Our next stop in our notebooking safari across Asia takes us to Turkey. If you're new to the notebooking safari, visit our first stop here. To see all the notebooking safari posts, click here. *** Our next animal is a chamois! No, don’t … [Continue reading]

$300 Cash Giveaway!

I don't know about you, but headlines like that always get my attention! Who couldn't use $300 in PayPal cash? I know I sure could! I can't enter the giveaway (because I'm a co-host!) but I would love for one of you to enter and win! I'm teaming up … [Continue reading]