Learn Through Drawing

Learn Through Drawing - Roundup of Ways to Learn While You Draw A few weeks ago, one of you wrote to me and shared that you had a child interested in lessons that enabled you to learn through drawing. I don’t have any resources for that yet, but I found a number of sites that did. I rounded them up here for you. I hope your children enjoy these activities and draw whatever God places on their hearts!

You can combine writing with drawing with Sketch N Stories.

Draw your way through the Bible with these free lessons.

Learn about the anatomy of the human hand and then try this tutorial on how to draw the human hand.

(Please note: this video is on YouTube and contains offensive words in the comment section. I recommend viewing on full screen to avoid both the comments and the ads.)

Choose a country in Africa to learn about, then try to draw some African animals such as an elephant, a chimpanzee, a cheetah, and a hippo.

Plan a Dr. Seuss-themed party and draw your own decorations using this set of Dr. Seuss character tutorials. (By the way, his birthday is March 2!)

Create a poster to educate others about fire safety and illustrate it with hand-drawn flames.

Study ancient Rome and draw a Roman soldier.

Study the plants and animals you might find in your own backyard and try drawing a few of them! Here are drawing tutorials for an ant, a sunflower, a blue jay, and a squirrel (my favorite!).

And if you’re looking for lessons to sharpen your art skills, try this list of over 100 free art lessons and this list of websites that have free art lessons.


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