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Canada Moving West Coloring BookThank you for joining us at Facebook party for The Canadian Homeschooler! I have a special freebie for you. When you download the Canada: Moving West coloring book at the link below, you’ll get fourteen coloring pages with large print copywork to trace, perfect for young writers. You’ll meet the Mounted Police, settlers, Native peoples, travelers from Europe, and a voyageur; travel the Canada-Pacific Railroad; spot a schoolhouse, sod house and more! It’s a fun way to combine history and handwriting practice.

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Alton Gansky Book Giveaway

Alton Gansky Book Giveaway

{This post contains affiliate links.} I'm excited for the opportunity to give away TWO incredible non-fiction titles by popular author Alton Gansky. A few months ago, I joined a review team for Mr. Gansky's newest release, 30 Events that … [Continue reading]

My Book About Egypt

My Book About Egypt Geography Copywork

{This post contains affiliate links.} My Book About Egypt takes elementary students to the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, and Giza. It introduces kids to the past and present of these cities through simple copywork exercises and shares … [Continue reading]

The Load Camels Cannot Carry

The Load Camels Cannot Carry

Ever since I first read about camels coming in handy in India, I've been intrigued. When I think of camels caravanning across the desert, I think of the Middle East, not India. But I have discovered that camels are used in northern Rajasthan to … [Continue reading]

Free Favorite Authors Quiz Pack-EB White

Favorite Authors Quiz Pack EB White

His gift of words made even the most squeamish among us love a spider and a mouse. His books took us on adventures with a swan and deep into the world of imagination. But how much do you know about author E.B. White and the world he lived and wrote … [Continue reading]

Someone To Turn To

Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Loss

Chances are we walk past them every day, people who are alone with fears and burdens we're unaware of. Every one of them needs to know that God loves them and values them far above rubies. The need is the same whether you pass the person in the … [Continue reading]

Free Geography Drills

Free Geography Drills Volume 4 - France and Colorado

Explore geography in a whole new way! Geography drills start with 10 map study questions to familiarize yourself with the map. Then comes the challenge! How fast can you solve the next 20 questions, using the same map? Find the answer to what two … [Continue reading]

FREE Endangered Animals Coloring Book

Endangered Animals Coloring Book BBAD

Do your little ones love animals? Introduce them to fun facts about fifteen endangered animals including the American alligator, Sumatran rhinoceros, and more with the free Endangered Animals coloring book. Each page includes a picture for them to … [Continue reading]

FREE Valley Forge Coloring Book

Valley Forge Coloring Book

I know  many of you have enjoyed studying the American Revolution with us these past few months. Here is a special Valley Forge coloring book I made that you can get free over on HomeschoolGiveaways.com. Enjoy! Download your FREE Valley Forge … [Continue reading]

Write2Ignite-Heavenly Herald

Heavenly Herald

I know the cliché well: “You only fail if you refuse to try.” While I don’t doubt the truth of those words, it’s of little comfort when I am staring at another submission I was sure I had “just right” only to see it returned—again. Red ink loudly … [Continue reading]

30 Days of Bible Giveaway


In honor of the 30 Days of Bible series I am participating in with 27 other bloggers, we have an AWESOME giveaway with prizes that will encourage you and your child in faith and knowledge of God's Word. With over $340 in prizes, this giveaway has … [Continue reading]

I’d Rather Be Your Mommy

When I read this book, I knew I needed to share about it. I'd Rather Be Your Mommy is a delightful e-book by Stacy Farrell. It's a sweet, gentle reminder for your children and yourself that there is no place on earth you'd rather be, no job you'd … [Continue reading]

FREE New World Explorers Bingo Limited Time

Explorers Bingo Limited Time Freebie

Explorers Bingo and Quiz Game tests students’ knowledge of twelve famous explorers with thirty-six trivia questions. Several variations are provided so the game can easily be adapted for children from preschool through age ten. Fifteen bingo cards, … [Continue reading]