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 How to Write a Query for Schoolhouse Teachers Part One  Date Dash Australia Printable Card Game  Munchable Math on Todays Frugal Mom-Candy

Find out how to write a query for SchoolhouseTeachers.com, enjoy a free printable game about Australian history, have fun letting Chef Digit help you teach your little ones elementary math, and enjoy more homeschooling freebies…

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Leaders of the American Revolution Bingo & Quiz Game Volume 1  Does Every Vote Count Unit Study  Multiplication-Practice-with-Printable-Ocean-Life-Manipulatives2

See more history fun, writing prompts, copywork, and more…

History Timeline Worksheets

Timeline Worksheet March 5, 1512, Gerhardus Mercator  Timeline Worksheet March 11, 1990, Lithuania Restituion of Independence Day  Timeline worksheet March 29, 1867, Cy Young

Enjoy historical short stories, learn about a great map maker, ponder freedom in Lithuania, enjoy baseball writing prompts and notebooking pages, and see more ways to bring history to life one day at a time…

All About Asia

Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Loss  Y is for Youth3  P is for Pure Water

See more ways you can learn about and pray for the people of Asia…

Missions and the Persecuted Church Resources for Kids

Sundar Singh The Final Journey Part Ten  All Around India Tamil Nadu  Fun Activities for Kids on Road Trips

See more about missionaries and pray for the needs of the persecuted Church…

  • Geography Scramble-Europe

    Geography Scramble-Europe

    Thirty-six nations. Only two clues to help you identify each one–their size/shape and the scrambled names of their capital cities. How many can you figure out? Download this free geography scramble and see for yourself!* Free Geography Scramble Volume 4-EuropeRead More »
  • Bible Story Resource Roundup-Jesus Walks on Water

    Bible Story Resource Roundup-Jesus Walks on Water

    The story of Jesus walking on the water is one of my favorite stories in the Gospels because to me, it illustrates Jesus’ gentleness and incredible patience with His children. I’d love for you to check out this roundup of ideas, games, printables, and even a snack that make sharing the …Read More »
  • Geography Scramble-The Middle East

    Geography Scramble-The Middle East

    How many of the nations of the Middle East can you name? Do you know their capital cities? Test your geography and your unscrambling skills with this geography scramble. With just the country’s size/shape and scrambled name of its capital city, how many can you correctly identify? Have fun and …Read More »
  • FREE Game All About Greek History

    FREE Game All About Greek History

    How much do you really know about Greek history? Do you know what year Greece entered World War I on the side of the Allies? What year was the Battle of Salamis fought against the Persians? If you or your students would like to brush up on their knowledge of …Read More »
  • FREE Noah Webster Copywork

    FREE Noah Webster Copywork

    “In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate—look to his character.” Noah Webster  Noah Webster made some powerful observations in his lifetime that are just as important and true today as they were more than one hundred and fifty …Read More »
  • Some of My Favorite Books About Asia

    Some of My Favorite Books About Asia

    I have an exciting opportunity today to review four books AND give them away! The first one is the one that broke my heart for India. India is a country of more than 1.25 billion people.* I’ll be honest; I cannot begin to imagine what one-and-a-quarter BILLION people looks like. …Read More »
  • FREE Elementary Math Worksheets: Munchable Math Candy

    FREE Elementary Math Worksheets: Munchable Math Candy

    Have you ever stopped to think about just how much little ones have to learn? From letters, sounds, and words to how to behave at the grocery store and from choosing what to wear to things like phone numbers and what to do in an emergency, the new information they …Read More »
  • How to Write a Query for Schoolhouse Teachers Part Two

    How to Write a Query for Schoolhouse Teachers Part Two

    If you’ve been working on the assignment I gave you last month, you’ve thought of one or more good ideas that you want to write about. Now let’s get into the meat of how to make this a course that kids can enjoy. Come join me on the Write2Ignite blog …Read More »
  • February Holiday Fun and Inspiration

    February Holiday Fun and Inspiration

    My mom always wove learning and learning about God into everyday conversations. So how can we do that with the upcoming holidays this month? Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day don’t exactly overflow with spiritual applications. Or do they? I’ve been brainstorming a list of ways we can naturally …Read More »
  • Legacies and Children: Faith That Endures

    Legacies and Children: Faith That Endures

    The thing that I dislike the most about Christmas is that it must end. For days, weeks, even months beforehand, the sense of anticipation and joy grew. Surprises were planned and memories dusted off and removed from their boxes. Favorite movies were watched, songs were sung, and games were played. …Read More »

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